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Re: Open Xlock as root

On 7/12/99 vorlon@netexpress.net wrote:

Well, if you're using crypt passwords, a dedicated assailant can get the
cleartext passwords easily enough.  Crypt just isn't all that secure
anymore.  More OS distributions are moving to solutions like md5, but not
enough of them have that enabled as the default, IMHO.


one thing i was wondering, OpenBSD uses BlowFish to encrypt the passwords, why can't we have a non-US module to give us the ability to do that too? is this is pam issue or a libc issue or both?

I would guess BlowFish passwords would be even yet harder to brute force then md5 or am i mistaken?

(And even then, your users and administrators have to be using *good*

of course, if you have weak passwords then xlock is not the worst of your problems..

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