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Re: Open Xlock as root

vorlon@netexpress.net writes:
>Honestly, at this point I see little to recommend pam_pwdb over pam_unix:
>it's the default used by RedHat, but Debian is using pam_unix instead, and
>even though pam_unix had been abandoned for a while, it's in working
>condition nowadays.

The only reason (that we know of yet...) that we haven't already switched
over is lack of testing.  We're certainly looking at it as a default for
some time in the future (no promises when...) and we do recommend it to
individual support customers who are running into pam_pwdb's limitations
and have, as far as I know, found it satisfactory in those cases.

So to someone setting up a new system from scratch, I would only recommend
pam_pwdb if they found a problem with pam_unix and needed a workaround and
found that pam_pwdb fixed it.


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