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pam_unix, cracklib, Makefiles

Hi all

A few weeks ago we had that thread about this dlerror message and
yperr_string. After I had upgraded from an old Linux-PAM version, I
encountered the same behaviour on my box. To make a long story short,
I figured that in my case the script `need_nsl.sh', executed from
modules/pam_unix/Makefile failed because it expects an existing
/bin/ls. The fileutils in my system reside in /usr/bin, however.

I don't want to discuss whether particular binaries should be in /bin,
/usr/bin or anywhere else. But the directories /bin and /usr/bin,
definitely can be expected to be in the search path, and hence there
is IMHO no need to use an absolute path to call a command.

Regarding this special case I wonder why there is this shell script
anyway. We could achieve the same result using make functions (see
patch below). While I was at it, I replaced some of the /bin/ls's with
$(wildcard ...) calls in modules/Makefile, too.

A third topic was this cracklib thing. Is there a reason for a module
pam_cracklib *and* pam_unix with cracklib support. Which would you
recommend in which case?


diff -uNr Linux-PAM-0.71.orig/modules/Makefile Linux-PAM-0.71/modules/Makefile
--- Linux-PAM-0.71.orig/modules/Makefile	Sun Dec 27 05:26:22 1998
+++ Linux-PAM-0.71/modules/Makefile	Thu Dec 16 22:03:16 1999
@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@
-MODDIRS=$(shell /bin/ls -d pam_*)
+#MODDIRS=$(shell /bin/ls -d pam_*)
+MODDIRS=$(wildcard pam_*)
 # ////////////////////////////////////////////////////
 # // You should not modify anything below this line //
diff -uNr Linux-PAM-0.71.orig/modules/pam_unix/Makefile Linux-PAM-0.71/modules/pam_unix/Makefile
--- Linux-PAM-0.71.orig/modules/pam_unix/Makefile	Mon Jul  5 07:53:08 1999
+++ Linux-PAM-0.71/modules/pam_unix/Makefile	Thu Dec 16 22:40:32 1999
@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
 # do you need to include the locking functions in the source?
-ifeq ($(shell ./need_nsl.sh),yes)
+ifneq ($(wildcard /lib/libnsl.so*),)
 LIBNSL = -lnsl

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