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Re: pam_unix, cracklib, Makefiles

Hi Thorsten,

Thorsten Kukuk writes:
 > pam_cracklib can make a lot of more checks then pam_unix does.

And it is more in the tradition of stackable modules or, in other
words, in the Unix tradition `do one thing well'.

 > The only thing I find very bad is, that pam_cracklib does not
 > read a config file. If I wish to change on option (for example
 > min length of a password), I need to grep through all config
 > files and make the necessary changes.

Hmm, this is IMHO a matter of personal taste. I could imagine that I
actually want a different configuration for different services which
couldn't be achieved easily by a global config file. Many other PAM
modules have to be configured without a config file, too.

	  Some operating systems are called `user friendly',
		  UNIX however is `expert friendly'.

    Marcus Harnisch <mailto:marcus@harnisch.isdn.cs.tu-berlin.de>

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