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Re: timer restrictions

Is there any reason why you could not make a module that would trigger
such a firewalling event? I can imagine it having a use for things
besides POP.



Pavel Kankovsky wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Christopher McCrory wrote:
> >       I had a problem user today.  For some reason he decided to pop his mail
> > every 5 seconds for a while.  This caused inetd to shut off pop for 15
> > minutes (failing looping...).  Has anyone done any "time between
> > invocations" modules.  i.e.  max connects=10 per hour, etc.  With
> > ipop3d, AFAIK,  one reject will show the client down.   Yes, no, maybe?
> > This might be my new project...
> I am afraid a PAM module would not help you. Many MUAs for the platform
> whose name I shall not utter ignore any errors, including authentication
> errors, and keep trying to connect without indicating any error to the
> user.
> I'd probably made a standalone program watching the frequency of
> connections and firewalling out offending clients for a few minutes.
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