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Re: pam_password.c question

I've just looked on a solaris 7 machine. Here is the same piece of text
from the corresponding manual page. If you need to work around this, I'm
confident you have a valid case to ask Sun about it...



SunOS 5.7           Last change: 28 Oct 1996                    2

C Library Functions                           pam_sm_chauthtok(3)


     The PAM framework invokes the password services twice.   The
     first   time   the   modules  are  invoked  with  the  flag,
     PAM_PRELIM_CHECK.  During this stage, the  password  modules
     should  only  perform preliminary checks.  For example, they
     may ping  remote name services to see if they are ready  for
     updates.   If  a  password  module detects a transient error
     such as a remote name service temporarily  down,  it  should
     return   PAM_TRY_AGAIN  to  the  PAM  framework,  which will
     immediately return the error back to the application. If all

Alan DeKok wrote:
> > > I am wondering why it is necessary to call _pam_dispatch twice?  Is
> > > this part of the specification?
> >
> > Its not in the original RFC spec, but in Sun's originial set of manuals:
>   And does Solaris implement this?
>   I could be on crack, but I recall having to work-around this problem
> with my pam module on Solaris.  The Linux PAM called the
> pam_chauthtok() function twice with the right flags, Solaris 2.6
> called it once.
>   I'd like to know if anyone else has seen this behaviour.
>   Alan DeKok.
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