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casts considered harmful

EVERY instance of pam_get_item in all of Linux-PAM's modules has to
cast its item to a (const void **) or a (void *) in order to avoid
compiler warnings, because pam_get_item is declared to be a
const void **, and the only reasonable way to get at the data is
pam_get_item (pamh, PAM_FOO, &some_char_pointer_variable);

Why on earth do we specify a constant pointer to a pointer to a
void for this?  All it does is force people to use casts, which
are just a way to mask programmers' mistakes so that they don't
notice them until they get a hard-to-track-down bug report.

If it's because Sun decided to force people to cast around (or
if their compiler doesn't care, I don't know), can we please
remove the const in our version, and add a -DPAM_ME_HARDER
that puts the const back in for people who want to follow the
spec even when it is stupid?  Alternatively, can we simply
remove it altogether like reasonable people?



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