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Re: Basic Authentication for web pages

Wes Brown wrote:

> Maybe you do not understand what I am trying to do.  The server that I am
> using will pass the authentication information to me on stdin.  I want to
> process this in a way so things can be handled by PAM (thus the message to
> the pam-list).  Novell bindery is working for me via PAM for logging into
> the workstation.
> Getting bindery working is less than 25% of my problem.  I could hack the
> thing together with a bunch of scripts, but the chances of that being
> secure is minimal.  I want to write a PAM application that will gather the
> Basic Authentication information from the web server and it would be
> preferable to write that in C.

What webserver are you using?

There is an Apache module for authentication via PAM - look in the
Apache modules registry (follow links from www.apache.org) to find it.

There is an LDAP apache module as well, which I am using now. The PAM
module did user authentication, but could not do group authentication.

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