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Re: Source code for Pam'd applications

On Wed, 3 Feb 1999, Katy Burns wrote:

> In particular, I'm looking for source code for a Pam'd ftpd, rexecd,
> xdm, xlock.  I'd be interested in other utilities which are known to
> be pam'd as well.  

> I am working my way through the various search engines and Linux
> archives, but I'd really appreciate some specific pointers for where
> to look for PAM'd application source code.  I am not super familiar
> with Linux, and can deal with gnuzipped tar archives considerably
> easier than rpm files at the moment.  

I think it would be well worth your while to become acquainted with
rpms--since RedHat is the principal distribution supporting Linux-PAM at
this point, a majority of pamified applications seem to be distributed
primarily in RPM form.  Case in point, recent versions of RedHat
include pamified versions of all the apps you asked for above (not
always well-done, I'll warn...), and should be available in source rpm
format from any redhat mirror (e.g.,

As far as other pamified programs are concerned, I know that samba
includes PAM support in the official tree; there's a radius daemon out
there (Cistron Radiusd) which supports PAM as an option; there are other
PAMified apps out there, and the majority of programs which need
authentication on RH use PAM (rlogin, imapd, popd, etc.).  I'm also
currently working on a PAMified version of sudo (app and accompanying
module)--source available, but I don't know that it's all that great of an
example ;D

-Steve Langasek

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