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RE: Source code for Pam'd applications

Sorry about that last message everybody -- looks like
Ctrl-Enter means different things in different
Microsoft apps -- silly me.

 > I'm also currently working on a PAMified
 > version of sudo (app and accompanying
 > module)--source available, but I don't
 > know that it's all that great of an
 > example ;D

 > -Steve Langasek

Steve, the current version of sudo has some PAM
support in it. Have you seen it? I'd be interested
in your comments, as it's my first attempt at PAM
code of any kind. It only uses PAM for authentication
(if you were doing the rest with PAM, why would you
need sudo at all?) and probably does that much badly,
but I'd love to hear what you think of it.

The source is available at

Gary Calvin
Information Systems
Kenwood Americas Corporation

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