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Re: test suite for pam_auth_* ?

On Thu, Feb 11, 1999 at 01:55:53PM +0000, Darrell Berry wrote:
> is there a set of test apps out there i can use to test my PAM setup
> without having to play with apache etc?
> i really just want something i can set up a config for in /etc/pam.d and
> test authentication modules with...
> any suggestions?

If you download the source for shadow, you can recompile them with pam
support (which currently only shows up in passwd/su iirc). Or you can try
some of the patches for regular apps at ftp.us.kernel.org. Don't get too
attached to the current scheme, I'm about to upload an new PAM package
that changes the layout, but not the functionality.

PAM support _is_ coming, I and others are pushing to get this fully
supported in potato.

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