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pam_smb 1.1 works every second time ?!

i'm still trying to get pam_smb to work reliably...

to test it, i'm using su, with the following auth line in /etc/pam.d/su:

auth	required	/lib/security/pam_smb)auth.so debug nolocal

coz i JUST want to authenticate against the NT domain...

the weird thing is that this works every second time i run su (the same
thing happens if i try another system, such as httpd...every second
attempt at a connection works!)

with debug on, /var/log/secure shows the following for the failed

   su: No Local Configuration done, relying on other modules for password
file entry
   su: Configuration Data, Primary PRIMARY, Backup BACKUP, Domain MYDOMAIN

and nothing else, whereas if i then do exactly the same again, I get the
same, followed by

   su: Correct NT username/password pair

as i would expect...

has anyone seen this behaviour and/or has any clue why this would be the


this is all on RH5.2 with pam_smb 1.1



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