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Re: pam_smb 1.1 'error receiving response to SessSetupAndX'

You may want to try out pam_smb 1.3.4 the version with the daemon and
caching support ... this is alpha but it serialises the authentications so
that the bug you are seeing should not occur. the bug is that when two
authentications occur at once NT for some reason gets a big confused
from what I know of it ... 

1.3.4 is available in the alpha dirs of any pam_smb site ... it is stable
enough (but I haven't done too much testing on it ), and the only reason
it is still alpha is it use Berkeley DB code from 1.85 and I haven't
finished off the configure support properly for Solaris ..


On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, Darrell Berry wrote:

> ...a bit later...
> now i can get pam_smb to *usually* authenticate against my NT domain...in
> fact if the authentication requests are relatively infrequent, all seems
> well...
> howeveri'm using this with mod_raoming to store Netscpae 4.5 profiles via
> apache, and netscape/apache does a separate authentication for each of the
> config files, which is about 15 logins within a second on my machine...at
> this load, it seems to skip about 1 authentication in 20...enabling DEBUG
> shows that the call thats failing is in smblib.c:
>   Error receiving response to SessSetupAndX
> ...two questions:
> a) anyone lnow what this means?
> b) anyone know if i can link against the current version of samba rather
> than the smblib that comes with pam_smb? if so, how do i do so?
> thanks!
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