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LOG_AUTHPRIV undefined


just compiling Linux-PAM 0.66 on redhat 5.2.  pam_unix_sess.c fails to
compile at line 111 because LOG_PRIV is not defined anywhere.
LOG_AUTHPRIV is #ifndef LOG_AUTHPRIV'd to LOG_PRIV (which doesn't exist)
and LOG_AUTHPRIV _does_ exist in sys/syslog.h, which is not being

i moved #include sys/syslog.h to the very top of pam_unix_sess.c to no
avail, so i had to remove the #ifndef LOG_AUTHPRIV #define LOG_AUTHPRIV
LOG_PRIV #endif from include/security/_pam_types.h and now it compiles.

by the way i got pam_krb5 to compile, after a couple of changes: no idea
how to get it to actually work: anyone got some "safe" example config


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