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PNIAM 0.03 release

PNIAM (Pluggable Non Interactive Authentication Modules) version 0.03 is
available at
with the online documentation

The idea of PNIAM has grown from Linux-PAM project.  Like PAM, PNIAM fully
implements the pluggability of authentication modules.  However PNIAM has a
completely different API to avoid known PAM disadvantages.

The main PNIAM target is the incorporation of all authentication related
tasks (authentication itself, authorization, obtaining user identity
information, session accounting, and authentication information modification)
into a single entity.

Since the previous release the following things have been changed:
 - new modules (pniam_rootok, pniam_ask, pniam_anything) were written;
 - pniam_start behaviour was changed for the case if the operation failed;
 - new pniam_request fields were introduced to deal with messages addressed to
   the user; thus, interactive modules can be clearly implemented over PNIAM;
 - pniam_create_handle function was introduced to make different metamodules
   implementations much more easy over PNIAM (for a metamodule example look at
   pam_if implemented by Pavel Kankovsky <peak@kerberos.troja.mff.cuni.cz>);
 - some coding style changes were made;
 - the documentation was updated.

Best wishes
					Andrey V.

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