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Re: 8 char max passwd size under RH5.2

I actually will be working on this same problem shortly. Take a
look at the PAM HOWTO in the pam_cracklib section. It describes
a number of arguments in the password component section. There are
a lot of parameters which interact with each other to come up with
a minimum password size and I believe it will take trial and error
to figure it all out.

In particular, the inter-related parameters are:

and, of course, minlen

It is NOT sufficient to simply set minlen without setting the
others appropriately...from my reading of the docs.

I suspect that setting a hard minlength of 10, for example, would
simply require setting all the *credit options above to 0...but, again
I haven't tried it yet (but I will over the next few days!).

Hope this helps.

Reid Sutherland wrote:
> I've looked EVERYWHERE for this answer.
> How do you change the maximum passwd lengh to something higher then 8?
> I'm using the PAM version that came with RedHat 5.2 and I believe it
> encrypts in DES format.
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