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Re: 8 char max passwd size under RH5.2

"Reid Sutherland" writes:
>I tried using bigcrypt() instead of crypt() and my passwords still only come
>up as 8 chars. I'm obviously doing something wrong, now the only reason I'm
>not using MD5 is because I do not want to reenter all the passwords and
>rebuild the whole bloody system :)

You don't have to.  You can mix and match.  If you use the md5 flag, it
tells what algorithm to use by default when setting a password.  That is
all.  No matter what, it will always correctly recognize which method to
use given any stored password.

So just use md5 (as documented in the user manual that accompanied your
copy of Red Hat Linux, in the System Administration chapter, incidentally)
and things will work just fine.  :-)


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