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Re: Getting usernames from a Novell server (ncp)

Troels Arvin <rhl@www.studmed.ku.dk> writes:

> At 09:54 22-02-99 -0600, "Scott Nelson" <sbnelson@thermeon.com> wrote:
> >> nwbpvalues -S NetwareServerName -U VeryPriviligedNetwareUserLogin
> >> -o LOGINID -t 1 -p IDENTIFICATION -P PriviligedPassword
> >Careful! The passwords would be visible to others simply by using the ps
> >command!
> Good point. I hadn't tought of that.
> Note my follow-up letter of January 1:
> A normal user can obtain the user names and full names. So there is no need
> to use a supervisor account for this.
> >I don't know these commands, but can you eliminate the passwords from the
> >command line and pass them via standard input?
> There are several solutions, as I see it.
> One is:
> As far as I remember, the nw* utilites will accept an environment variable
> specifying password or a file where the password resides. See the relevant
> man-pages for info.

Well, at least under linux you can do 'ps -ewwwwww' to see the environment.
ps -ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 453

  453  p0 S    0:00 bash USERNAME= ENV=/usr/people/wmperry/.bashrc HISTSIZE=5000 HOSTNAME=kramer SOCKS5_SERVER=slow.bp.aventail.com LOGNAME=wmperry HISTFILESIZE=1000 MAIL=/var/spool/mail/wmperry PAGER=more TERM=xterm HOSTTYPE=i386 PATH=/usr/local/egcs/bin:/usr/local/bin:/opt/kde/bin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/local/aventail/bin:/opt/kde/bin:/usr/bin/mh:/opt/wp/wpbin:/usr/people/wmperry/bin KDEDIR=/opt/kde HOME=/usr/people/wmperry SHELL=/bin/bash MAILCAPS=/usr/people/wmperry/.mailcap USER=wmperry ENSCRIPT=-2rGh QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt EXINIT=set wm=8 DISPLAY=kramer.bp.aventail.com:0.0 OSTYPE=Linux OPENWINHOME=/usr/openwin SHLVL=0 EDITOR=gnuclient CVSROOT=:pserver:wmperry@cvs.in.aventail.com:/usr/aventail/src/cvsroot WRASTER_COLOR_RESOLUTION0=4 WINDOWID=37748749 TERMCAP=xterm|vs100|xterm terminal emulator (X11R6 Window System):am:km:mi:ms:xn:xo:co#80:it#8:li#25:AL=\E[%dL:DC=\E[%dP:DL=\E[%dM:DO=\E[%dB:IC=\E[%d@:LE=\E[%dD:RI=\E[%dC:UP=\E[%dA:ae=^O:al=\E[L:as=^N:bl=!


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