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Re: pam_unix_auth cleanup: NIS+ issues

I'm really out of my depth with NIS+ - no access to such a system nor
specs for one. Perhaps someone else can help on this?



Stephen Langasek wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've taken a closer look at the NIS+ uid issue in the pam_unix source code
> and have realized that I made a serious mistake in changing it: NIS+ really
> /does/ need to make two calls to getpwnam(), and my changes will actually
> cause the app to segfault (non-destructively) if the user isn't in the
> passwd file (shame on me).
> The uid handling remains broken, so I'm hesitant to change the getpwnam()
> calls back to the way they were.  Does anyone here know what NIS+
> returns in the password field for getpwnam() when called by a different
> user?  I'd like to be able to check for this value, so that the module will
> be useable despite the small problem in the uid handling (which I'm still
> wending my way through).
> -Steve Langasek
> postmodern programmer

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