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[PATCHES] from Debian for the latest PAM

Well, I finally went through my patches for Debian's Linux-PAM compilations.
Hopefully this will make their way upstream or atleast be useful to someone.

This is an index of the attached patches:

  Slight hack around the strdup decleration under glibc 2.1. Small fix
  for pam_item.c (one of the D(()) calls was in the wrong place). A few
  NULL checks in pam_log.c

  One major patch to pam_ftp.c to replace sizeof with strlen. Seems
  to cause segfaults. Also mods to the md5.h files in both pam_unix
  and pam_pwdb to prevent some name space collision.

  Sgml doc based off of pam_pwdb for the new pam_unix module.

  Added ability to also parse /etc/environment in a limited shell format.
  Also diff to document it in pam_env.sgml

  New module, very useful for distributed systems with local home directory
  space. We use it for Debian's servers along with nss_ldap for developer
  accounts. Includes pam_mkhomedir.sgml

  New module, pretty self explanatory, also includes pam_motd.sgml

  Modifies it to display the old standard mail notices (like original login
  and ssh). Configurable with two new module arguments. Likewise, modifies
  pam_mail.sgml to document it.

  Fix documented behavoir for "user -" and "@group -" so that it actually let's
  them match and not instill any limits. Also fixes it to actually _remove_
  limits when PAM_USER is root (helps when su'ing to root from a limited account).

  New module, allows prepending an issue file to the user prompt. Also groks
  normal issue escapes (taken from sh-utils' agetty.c). As usual, includes the

Hope this is helpful,

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