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who's on the bandwagon?


I'd like to make up a list of OSes and architectures to which Linux-PAM
has been ported and on which it is actively being used.

Periodically, folk email me asking how wide Linux-PAM's coverage is and
if they want to use Linux-PAM: what platforms should they support? I
usually say something like this and that Linux distribution. However,
lately, I've been hearing things about Linux-PAM popping up in some
mighty unexpected places...

So. If you'ld like to have interesting new authentication hardware
supported on your platform and/or interesting (sometimes commercial)
authentication software available, I'd be interested in hearing from
you. Specifically, I'd be interested in hearing the following

  OS base-revision (distribution?)

  hardware architecture

  technical contact email address

  indication of whether you want me to put the above information on the
web, or just distribute it to interested hardware/software
VARs/developers who specifically ask for it.

In case the mail headers that you receive are not complete, I'm:



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