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Re: Options for dbm-type passwd files

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Nalin Dahyabhai wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 14, 1999 at 02:55:56PM +0800, Miguel A.L. Paraz wrote:
> > How's the support (if any), and any documentation, for supporting 
> > passwd/shadow in GDBM/dbm-type files?  I think it's in /etc/pwdb.conf but
> > I haven't found sufficient info.
> I'd imagine you'd have better luck with the newer pam_unix modules and
> glibc's db support in nsswitch.conf.  On my system, changing to /var/db
> and running 'make' generates db files, and listing 'db' as the database 
> to consult for info in nsswitch.conf seems to work properly.
> The pam_userdb module also supports user/password combos in db files, but
> I'm not sure how you'd go about generating them.

	Some time ago I've written a 'pam_make' module, exactly in order
to rebuild the db files if the user changes the password. Should anyone
need it, ftp://coyote.is.necomm.ro/pub/devel/pam/modules/


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