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Re: who's on the bandwagon?

Andrew Morgan wrote:

> I'd like to make up a list of OSes and architectures to which Linux-PAM
> has been ported and on which it is actively being used.

Not sure if this fits, but I've been hacking on Luke Howard's pam_ldap
module under both Solaris 7 (SPARC) and RedHat 5.2 (Intel).  Before the
last overhaul of our Netscape LDAP/Cert server, I had a working
certificate-based login setup.  It's all torn apart now, and may not
be put back together.  The end goal is smartcard-based authentication,
on Solaris, Irix, and Linux if we can make it all work.  Would be nice
to also encompass our sizeable NT community, but I don't think MS is
going to cooperate.  Next things to investigate are what's happening
with smartcards and PAM, and what Sun's got coming in the next version
of Solaris.

Paul Allen

Paul L. Allen           | voice: (425) 865-3297  fax: (425) 865-2964
Unix Technical Support  | paul.l.allen@boeing.com
Boeing AR&T Site Operations, POB 3707 M/S 7L-68, Seattle, WA 98124-2207

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