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[Fwd: [OCF] controlling access to the operating system]

Michael Bender wrote:

> Antonio Sánchez Esguevillas wrote:
> >
> > has anyone used OCF to control the access to WindowsNT (GINA) or Unix
> > (PAM) with OCF? the issue is to call OCF from a DLL, being CORBA
> > probably the best solution
> Yes. Solaris 8 is coming with a complete OCF implementation as a
> system service (as opposed to a collection of Java classes that
> you include with each application). We have integrated smart card
> support into a number of our main applications including our
> window system and provided PAM support for smart card authentication.
> We will not have an SDK available yet (due to time constraints) but
> I am hoping to get one in a state for 3rd parties to look at by
> early next year.
> mike
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>Next things to investigate are what's happening
>with smartcards and PAM, and what Sun's got coming in the next version
>of Solaris.
>Paul Allen

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