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BiomousePlus fingerprint based authentication via PAM


I'm putting the final touches to a first cut of a
BiomousePlus-fingerprint PAM module/agent pair. In the process, I've
found and fixed a couple of bugs in the libpamc code in 0.69, which will
be included in 0.70. I've also encountered a small problem with the
BiomousePlus library code from ABC (American Biometric Corp), but I have
a work around for that (for now), so I'm looking for alpha testers - and
some indication of interest.

Because compiling the code requires some non-GPL'd proprietary
libraries, I'm going to publish my half of the code, and leave it up to
folk to work out how to compile it - I won't be including the
module/agent pair in the Linux-PAM tar ball for this reason, but I will
put the source that I've written on kernel.org.

If there is anyone out there that has a BiomousePlus and would like to
report back on their success with a binary only module/agent pair, I'd
be happy to get your feedback in the meantime. The constraints are RH
5.2 or 6.0 (not tried 6.1, and not tried SuSE, Caldera et al - anyone
want to send me a CD? ;) and gtk support, a patch for ssh to add 'real
PAM support' and you're going to need Linux-PAM-0.70's libpamc .. when
its out = brave souls only ;^)

Any interest?

slogin my.other.box
[local X-window pops up 'please put your finger on the biomouse'...]
Last login ...



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