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Re: Biometrics Security for Linux

I forget who (I deleted the message just yesterday) but someone (I think
Andrew Morgan) on the PAM list (pam-list@redhat.com) is working on a PAM
module for a biometric mouse.  Try over there!

Scott Nelson

megasurg@my-deja.com wrote:

> I'm looking for web sites or ftp sites on
> information about iris, facial, fingerprint,
> voice, signature and/or SecureID card Biometrics
> software for use with linux systems.  I would
> appreciate any help with locating these resources
> if they exist.  I have found several UNIX
> biometric systems but they don't specifically
> state that they will work with linux.  If you do
> not know or are unaware of what biometrics is try
> checking out these two links for more info.
> http://biometrics.cse.msu.edu/
> http://www.biometrics.org/
> Again any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Perhaps I can help you in exchange for your
> assistance.  Please send responses via email.
> Thank You.
> Sent via Deja.com http://www.deja.com/
> Before you buy.

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