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Re: You have been removed from the list (fwd)

Dave Barnett writes:
>From here, things are rather muddled, but it sounds like a short-circuit
>in the mailing list daemon.  It saw this bounced message from Adobe
>(apparently it bounced back and forth several times (see comment about
>'The last one of those bounced mails has been quoted below:')) and
>apparently decided that your email server was bouncing the message and
>canned you, rather than the user named 'mcravit' at Adobe!
>How's that for shifting blame?  Pretty good, I'd say!

Oh, yeah...

>I'd suggest submitting it to a live being at RH, and getting them to
>track it down.

Yes, and listmaster@redhat.com is the correct address to send these
things to.

Unfortunately, smartlist, the software that manages these lists, is
in some ways misnamed.  One of them is that it can get a bit over-excited
about cancelling loops.  Debugging this is well-nigh impossible because
smartlist is written in procmail.  I think we've investigated other
software and run into other problems that have sent us back to smartlist
with its known bugs.  So sending in a report doesn't mean that listmaster
will be able to fix it.

Sorry I don't have a better answer.  :-(


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 prudent as the heavy petting of literature."            -- Fran Lebowitz
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