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Re: rlogin/rsh/rexec & PAM


Well...(deep subject, I know, but ...).

Woohoo!  I finally found the problem, and you're not going to believe
the cause.

I copied the netgroup nis map from our nis server, and monkeyed with the
format for a while.  A sample entry:
dapd \
        ( dapd7,,houstondp)\
(cut down for clarity and space).

I finally determined that under Solaris, whitespace is ignored, whereas
under Linux, the " " of " dapd7" was being interpreted as part of the

By removing the space and changing the entry to:

I now get the 'correct' response of positive.  To confirm this, I put
the space back, and fed " dapd7" as the machine to look up.  Again, I
got a positive response.

Thanks to you and Gary for observation & comments.


Dave Barnett	Software Support Engineer	x1434

Garbage in, garbalkjj aljasddjfklj asdfjakj sdfweopu asiduj lasdf
sfd weoru awero aspoiugpo7a970a7g698as6d8s75f987a65d875

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