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Redhat 6.1 Null PW change


	I created (with the help of many on this list :) an
account for my BBS system, which has a null pw field. It
was quite some hassle getting PAM to let users through
without a pw, but now it seems like every once in awhile
pam gets it in it's head that the pw for that account (even
if it is null) has expired. A friend of mine noticed it and said
he had gotten rid of it. But he didn't, a week later it happened
again. I just changed the pw (it would have let anyone change
it?) and then nulled it again by deleting the pw in the shadow

First off, which file in the PAM directory controls logins for
user accounts? login? other? both in some kind of order?

Secondly, what is the best way to tell pam to leave that 
account be.. let it live it's live in promiscuous freedom!

	Thanks for your time

	Andy (formerly fco@total.net)

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