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Re: Question about pam_xauth

On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Aaron Konstam wrote:

>> If you're logged in at an xterm and you su, usually you want your Xauthority
>> keys to be forwarded so that any programs you run as root can then connect to
>> your X display.

> Well this is really frustrating. Never on any RedHat Linux system has the
> behavior you describe been seen as far as I know. I sent out messages on the
> various RedHat lists requesting other experiences. I cannot count the times I
> have had to help people get their X applications to run after they su-ed to
> root. Always an xhost had to be run and often a DISPLAY variable had to be
> set.

> Now I am pleading with you people who are supposed to know PAM to answer the
> following questions:
> 1 Steve Langasek what Linux do you use? I will check the messages but the
> behavior is always the same. An error that the application cannot connect to
> the X display.

I've used pam_xauth successfully on RedHat 6.0 and RedHat 6.1 systems.  I use
gdm for logging in.  If I su to root and run 'printtool', everything works as

I have run into occasional glitches with pam_xauth, but nothing I could ever
reproduce reliably..

> 2. Someone must be an expert on pam_xauth and can tell us what could be the
> reason it apsolutely does not do on a RedHat Linus system what Steve Langasek
> says it does. It may be a configuration problem but I can't imagine what it
> could be.  Maybe the Xauthority is wrong.

The most likely expert is Michael K. Johnson, who as I recall is also the
author of the module.  He's subscribed to the list, so perhaps he's reading
along and can help pin the problem down.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer 

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