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Re: using same long passwords under Linux and BSD/OS

> My RedHat 6.1 GNU/Linux box uses PAM and md5. My BSD/OS box also uses md5.
> I need to be able to copy the password files back and forth between
> systems. I wrote a script that recreates the Linux /etc/passwd and
> /etc/shadow files from the BSD/OS /etc/master.passwd format.
> All the passwords work, except the root password. Under BSD/OS it is
> called a "widepassword". In the BSD/OS password file, the encrypted string
> is 20 characters long. (The other passwords -- that also work under Linux
> -- are 13 characters long.)
> Does anyone know how I can configure PAM to be able to work with this long
> formatted password? (And the others can continue to work?)

As far as I know, there're only two full implementations of this
"new-style"/BSDI hash, and both come under a BSD copyright; this way
we can't expect to see any of them in glibc-crypt, which wants to be
under LGPL.  Perhaps ask David Burren to put a copy of his code under
LGPL as well as a BSD copyright?

For now, we can only patch our own copies of the sources (well, maybe
Red Hat could ship some BSD-licensed code in their glibc RPM).

Solar Designer

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