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Possible pam_umask module ?

Hi !

I'd like to know if anyone would be interested in a pam_umask module ? The
purpose of this module would be to set the user's umask value (kind of
like pam_limits).

I guess the easiest way to implement this module would be: modifying the
pam_limits, because it seems to have most of the needed functionality.

So if you're interested or think this idea sucks send me a note.


PS. I got the idea for this because when using ssh for something like:
    echo "Strange idea" | ssh host "cat > /tmp/idea.txt" then /bin/sh is 
    used to run cat on the remote host and sh doesn't read any 
    initialization files? so cat uses whatever umask (usually 022) eventhough
    I would like to use umask 077.

Jarno Huuskonen - System Administrator   |  Jarno.Huuskonen@uku.fi
University of Kuopio - Computer Center   |  Work:   +358 17 162822
PL 1627, 70211 Kuopio, Finland           |  Mobile: +358 40 5388169

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