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Re: PAM/skey - two cvs sites? which module? I'm confused!

> > 
> > (1) http://cvsweb.linuxdoc.org/index.cgi/pam
> > 
> This stuff I made for our distro (see http://www.pld.org.pl). Linuxdoc
> is a coincidence as we host their CVS :)

Ok, so unless I'm going (a) use your distro or (b) want to work out the 
potential Redhatisms w/ these sources, I should stay away from them?  In
the event that I use these sources - are they being maintained?  I'd like
to stay on track with the sources that are being developed with reasonable

> > (2) http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/Linux-PAM/?cvsroot=pam
> > 
> You will find skey rpms on ftp.pld.org.pl, they have all that is required
> to compile pam_skey. And if you want there are also binary rpms with
> pam_skey only (pam-pam_skey-*.rpm). Or you can just grab source rpm,
> rebuild and see if it works ;)

Ok thanks.  I'm going to look at pam_skey.c from the PLD dist.

However, I'm wondering, why isn't there an SKEY module (or OPIE module) on
the sourceforge CVS?  Weren't your PLD mods folded into the main development?

What are people on the sourceforge tree doing for SKEY authentication?

Not being much of a coder, I'm concerned about adding the pam_skey.c module
from the PLD tree.  Your feeling is that it should be possible, with minimal
tweaking (and the tweaking won't cause any real problems) ?

Thanks for the help Jan.


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