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Re: Linux-PAM portability (was: PAM concepts)

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Luke Howard wrote:

> Further (although it doesn't strictly relate to module
> portability):
> We'd like to ensure that the MacOS X port of PAM doesn't diverge
> from Linux-PAM too. The port was based on the FreeBSD port of
> Linux-PAM which involved a few intrusive-ish sorts of changes
> (to do with logging, for example)... I don't know whether
> the plan is to roll those into Linux-PAM, and I just 
> recently renewed by subscribed to this list.

I think you can be reassured.

An earlier (few weeks ago) private discussion amongst Steve, Andrew Morgan
(who set up "pam.sourceforge.net") and me agreed in principle to make
"Linux-PAM" as portable as possible.  Indeed the working concept is that
the very name "Linux-PAM" ought, in principle and in time, to be changed
to something like "Open-PAM" to inspire us "think portability".

The work already done at sourceforge has been to begin to put it under GNU
"autoconf": this is a basic foundation of increased portability. 
Similarly my local changes (whose local goal is to make it compile under
Solaris) are _always_ being done with general portability in mind.

(My local source tree is diverging worryingly from that at sourceforge,
and I would really, really like to see the two reconciled as soon as is
reasonably practicable.  Could one of the sourceforge maintainers please
contact me to discuss how to proceed?)

Hope that helps.


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