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Re: Linux-PAM portability (was: PAM concepts)

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, W. Reilly Cooley, Esq. wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 09, 2000 at 12:49:13PM +0100, David Lee wrote:
> > 
> > The work already done at sourceforge has been to begin to put it under GNU
> > "autoconf": this is a basic foundation of increased portability. 
> > Similarly my local changes (whose local goal is to make it compile under
> > Solaris) are _always_ being done with general portability in mind.
> > 
> Will your autoconf patches apply cleanly (or almost cleanly) to a stock
> 0.72?  I'm trying to build a normalized source tree for my from-scratch
> distro, and getting PAM to build properly and cleanly has been one of
> the big thorns I've procrastinated on.  I was considering implementing
> it myself (once I actually got it to build), but if it's already been
> done I'd rather not redo it.

There aren't any patches, just my local copy of the branch of the
SourceForge source tree that has already had some "autoconf" work done on
it.  So even if there were a patch, it wouldn't apply cleanly to 0.72. 

My two most important priorities are: 

1.  (selfish) To get some version, somehow, working on Solaris.
2.  (philanthropic) To ensure that any changes made above are as portable
    as possible, and get rolled into the SourceForge version (in spirit,
    at least, even if the details get tweaked).

So I'm concentrating on efforts on those.  I need either (a) to take the
plunge and become a SourceForge developer or (b) to find another such
developer (with CVS expertise) willing to assess my changes and commit
them to SourceForge.  I had been hoping for (b), but it's looking
increasingly as though I will have to adopt the (a) route.  But whichever,
I think that my efforts should be concentrated there, for the future,
stable, portable product, rather than being distracted onto short-term

I hope that doesn't sound too negative.  Indeed, my sympathies are very
much with you.  But let's concentrate our efforts on getting the
SourceForge version made portable. 


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