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>I believe that you want to put the name of your non local-user into
>PAM_USER. Your application needs to avoid using this username for any
>getpw* calls (unless it can resolve the mapping of this user to some

What about FreeBSD's support for template users? This I believe
was designed for this exact problem (many users in RADIUS, one
template account in /etc/passwd).

Their trick is to refetch PAM_USER after calling pam_authenticate(),
resetting the appliation's idea of the user's identity.

Although I haven't tested it (!), there's support for this 
in pam_ldap: you can assign one attribute for the login
name (like userPrincipalName, so the user can login with
"lukeh@padl.com") and another attribute (like uid) to the
actual account. Or, the account can be specified gloablly.

-- Luke

Luke Howard | Darwin Developer | PADL Software Pty Ltd
www.padl.com | lukeh@darwin.apple.com | lukeh@padl.com

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