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Re: Straw man: External authentication and PAM

Hmmmm, see, right there, a need that pam_gss_authenticated() couldn't
take care of as proposed...

Gotta think some more about this :)

Attribute-value pairs, with well established conventions seems to be a
good approach, from a flexibility point of view. PAM environment
variables will barely do though as their values can only be ascii

This is an argument for letting the app use pam_set_data(). I still
think there's some advantages to having a pam_gss_authenticated().

Perhaps a pam_authenticated() with a variable argument list, with the
arguments being av pairs. Hmmm...



On Tue, Jan 25, 2000 at 10:23:18AM +0100, Max Liccardo wrote:
> uau...good !! This is our problem....we use a cistron radius
> autheticating users via PAM. The main problem is that it's hard (for
> compatibily) to pass data others than pam-related variables, as the cli
> or the client ip address(yes, radius has an user ip address, a NAS ip
> addres and a proxy ip address!!!!) or the called number. solution 1) is
> the simpest way, but  an application should known exactly what a module
> needs...I appreciate solution 2, as the free-radius does, i.e. he passes
> the Av pairs to a loadable module trought a stack..., the concept: an
> application should be able to share relevant data with the pam
> framework...the PAM items seem to be useful for unix-like authentication
> only.
> max
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