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Re: XSSO? How to communicate to XSSO/PAM external authenticationinfo?

> While you're at it, please note that defining a new scheme "PAM" and
> doing the authentication inside the auth loop would be almost
> completely effortless because the encapsulation added by the server in
> that case could be done with perfect ease inside a generic
> conversation function. This ease should be an indication of how much
> better that way of doing things would be. It should also serve as an
> example that GSSAPI and PAM is really fundamentally the same, because
> GSSAPI does it that way.

ah!  you've just reminded me of the way that CAP_EXTENDED_SECURITY works
in SMB [please see draft-leach-cifs-v1-00.txt or imilar, on
ftp.icrosoft.com/develpr/drg/cifs NUTS to this damn useless keyboard and
ssh/pine with 1000ms round-trip times]

ok.  SMBnegprot - capabilities bi t CAP_EXT_SEC is set.
response: CAP_EXT_SEC bit _also_ set.

SMBsesssetupX request: an opaque SPNEGO void*, int len "blob" is sent.

SMBsesssetupX response: an opaque SPNEGO "blob" is retuened withan

repeat SMBsesssetupXes until security negotiation is completed by the
layer *above* the SMB protocol.

in this way, the SMB protocool becomes a "trnsport" for authentication, it
is totally independent.

pam would do well to implement a simplar transport-independendent
authentication mechanism.

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