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Re: XSSO? How to communicate to XSSO/PAM external authenticationinfo?

> and examples are trivial -- just plain ftp/pop shows that
> nicely.  One little thought -- maybe we should think in
> other direction -- i.e. correcting _protocols_ so that them
> will work nicely with one centralized/well-managed "AAA"
> infrastructure? :^8 (read: _BIG_ funny smailik here!)


a data-transfer protocol's job is not to worry about the details of auth

... that having been said, dce/rpc does have a function whereby the level
of encryption / authentication can be obtained, for the purposes of, say
_rejecting_ a session that is technically possible to perform encrypted or
unencrypted, but for the purposes of _this_ specific session instance the
server chooses not to accept it.

the server chooses, not the authentication / encryption etc layer.

however, for this to work, the api [for a server to query authentication /
auth etc.] _should_ have been built in right from the start, otherwise you
have to jemmy things in and pam is a good opportunity to do this.

so, an alternative to modifying protocols like this is to "proxy" them
over secureable transports.  for example, ipsec.  for example, ssl.

consider this: in the light of the existence of secure transports, is it
in fact pam's job to propose modifications to protocols to provide secure
alternatives to those protocols?

[the answer might be yes]


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