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Re: XSSO? How to communicate to XSSO/PAM external authentication info?

Nicolas Williams wrote:
> The changes?:
>  - export pam_set_data() and pam_get_data() to the PAM apps;
>  - make libpam call pam data cleanup functions when pam_end is called,
>    delaying the calling of cleanup functions when pam data is replaced;
>  - establish conventions for modules to prompt apps, not for usernames
>    and passwords, but for GSS-API/Kerberos contexts, tokens, creds,
>    etc...;
>  - in fact, binary prompts aren't all that necessary here, as long as
>    pam_set_data() and pam_get_data() are available to the app for
>    exchanging non-string data with PAM modules;
>  - then make some utility functions to hide the conventions mentioned
>    above (e.g., pam_gss_authenticated()).
> Only the first two items are actual changes to PAM. And they're small
> changes, methinks.
> Is there any reason NOT to do this? I'm not convinced that this approach
> is bad. In fact, I'm getting more and more convinced it's good. But it
> wouldn't pay off till several apps where modified to use this approach.

This has been a long and fragmented thread. Could you write up a summary
of why the above is what you want and what each bit buys you/us? I count
three changes to libpam and can think of reasons why the first two may
well be backwardly incompatible, but without seeing the 'whole thing' in
context, I don't know how to suggest an alternative.



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