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libpamc API change: pamc_converse()


I'd like to know if anyone out there is using libpamc for anything?
Attempting to implement something I've run into a glaring inefficiency,
and I would like to change the calling conventions for pamc_converse().
Namely, it does not work well with the default libpam_misc default
conversation function and I would like it to.


 int pamc_converse(pamc_handle_t pch, pamc_bp_t *prompt_p);

Proposed replacement:

 int pamc_converse(pamc_handle_t pch, __u32 flags,
                   const pamc_bp_t old_prompt,
                   pamc_bp_t *new_prompt_p);

The symantics will change too - namely, old_prompt is not purged by this

I see that SuSE, for one, installs this library so it is out there and
possibly being used for something. An alternative to modifying this
function, which is probably better, is to add another function and
depreciate use of the current function in future releases.

Feel free to email me privately if you are sensitive about advertising
your development project(s) to this public list, but have concerns that
you would like me to be aware of on this issue.



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