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Re: /etc/pam.d/files

Michael A. Dietz <mad099@dietznet.net> wrote:
> Well I'm starting to get a minor grasp on what pam can do, and one thing
> I've noticed is the more apps that become pam capable the more files you
> have to individually maintain in the /etc/pam.d directory.

> IMHO, this is good and bad.  Good because it gives a high level of
> customization, bad because it makes for a high maintenance level if
> changing pam configurations.

> What I'd like to see, and maybe it's here already, is
> an include statement like in bind 8.2.x (and maybe other configuration
> file formats) i.e.:

> $INCLUDE "/etc/pam.d/common"

Nice idea.
> Therefore repetitive authentication directives can be maintained in a
> common file instead of 15 separate files.

> Or is there another way to cut down on the repetitiveness ?

If you use exactly the same configuration for two services you can
symlink them. It's is possible that your Packer-Manager (rpm) does not
like this.
           cu andreas
Andreas Metzler, Wien                         |
ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org                   |

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