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Re: PAM and Kerberos

> Nicolas Williams <Nicolas.Williams@ubsw.com> writes:
> >> PAM (and PAM_KRB5) would only be called by /bin/login and /bin/su.
> >> /bin/login would call pam_authenticate() and /bin/su wouldn't. Both
> >> would call PAM's account/session management functions and PAM_KRB5's
> >> session management would handle renaming/chowning of the user's
> >> credentials file as well as setting KRB5_CCNAME.
> A nit: credentials should never be chown'd, and renaming is also not a
> good idea.  They should be created *as* the user.  Otherwise, you can
> get into trouble with interactions with sticky bits, race conditions,
> quotas, permission mapping, or a number of other unix subtleties which
> all vanish when you just call creat() as the user who owns the
> tickets.
> Hopefully, it isn't an inherent property of PAM that you need to use
> chown.
> 		Marc

There is a desire to allow credentials to be forwarded after the
connection is established.  In this situation you really have no
choice but to tamper with the credentials cache as root.  

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