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Re: password file locking

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Cooper wrote:

> Thanks for clearing up the permanent lockfile idea. It's totally clear
> to me how it works now.
> As you noted, the power-down-at-the-wrong-time problem can hurt this
> approach severely unless, like Fred Cohen suggested, the reading of the
> passwd file is done via a special function which checks for the
> resulting old passwd file if the new one doesn't appear in time or ever.
> While probably a working solution, I think it's *WAY* too much effort
> since there are probably a great many apps around that access passwd
> directly for reading.

see lib/util_file.c in the SAMBA_TNG branch (http://samba.org/cvs.html or

we have a function startpwfile_race_condition_avoid() which may be what
you are looking for.

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