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Re: pam_{unix,pwdb}: crypt/md5 necessary?

That may well work.

One caveat, is that when first implemented we goofed on bigendian
support and for legacy reasons now support both endian forms of the md5
algorithm (one is not really md5 as a result). I doubt glibc will
correctly handle those passwords.

If you want to try this and report your findings/submit a patch:


That would be welcome.



Michael Tokarev wrote:
> Hello!
> In the pam_{unix,pwdb} modules, there are an implementation of md5,
> bigcrypt etc.  Just for curiocity: are them needed on linux (or, on
> system with glibc) where "old good" crypt already handles md5 passwords
> via "magic" salt?  If I remove (conditionally exclude) those routines
> from that modules -- will it be ok?  And what condition should be
> tested (i.e. what preprocessor define) for this?
> (I think that implementing this routines on glibc-based system is just
> a waste of resources, not big but anyway...).
> Can someone comment on "legacity" of making such changes?
> Regards,
>  Michael.
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