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Re: PAM authentication error....

What does /var/log/messages say?



Matthew Leus wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm experimenting with PAM for the first time and have managed to get the
> tar ball made under Slackware 7.0 after some tinkering.  I'm now trying to
> create a simple authentication program that simply requires the user to
> correctly multiply two numbers to gain authentication.  The call to
> pam_start is a success however the call to pam_authenticate returns a
> 'module unknown' error.  The pam_matt_auth.so (as I've called it) file is in
> the correct directory and the service name "matt" as specified in the app
> file and the pam.conf is the same.  I can't seem to get passed this error,
> any ideas??  Thanx in advance,
> M@
> ps- any sources where I can find more info on conv functions or PAM
> programming in general??
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