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Pam Module with ipop3?

Hi All

I am writing a pam module that I want to use with  ipop3d.  So far so
good, but in the module env-unix.c, the server_login function makes a
call to getpwnam before it calls checkpw.  checkwpw is where the call
are made to the pam routines.  I really would prefer that the server not
call getpwnam, and instead use only my pam routines for authentication.

So I guess I have the following questions:

Have I missed something obvious in building/configuring the ipop3d

If I replace the call to getpwnam with something more to my liking, do I
need to fill in the password structure (thereby replicating the getpwnam

Would I really be better off writing my own authenticator?

I realize some of these question might be more properly resolved in an
imap forum.  Could someone kindly direct me to the appropriate place?


Howard Lander
1101 Aviation Parkway, Suite C
Morrisville NC, 27560

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