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Set passwd on first login?

Hi here!

Please excuse me for this dummy question...
I can't find a (correct) way to force user to enter
password at first login.  When I create user, I usually
(on Solaris) ussue a command "passwd -d user", user
will be prompted when he/she first logs in.
Solaris also uses PAM, and this is in pam_unix module.
Here is a redhat linux, and by default login asks for new
password only if I also change "last password change" field
in /etc/shadow to two days before and "should change after"
to 1.  But I must set those back after he/she logs on and changes
(Or change "last password change" to past 1 month and require
password changes in less than month...  This is not elegant also.)

There is also a flag for solaris's password program, namely "-f",
to force user's password change next time hi/she logs on.  Maybe
the same thing exists for linux?

Is there some module (or config for pwdb/unix) so that it will be possible?
I also noted that such an ability should not be enforced for _all_ users,
for example, entries for "shutdown", "eject" etc can be without password
at all..


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