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null password account NEEDED!


	I run a small dialup BBS which runs on RH 6.1 ( formerly
rh5.2) I realised once my upgrade was done that my users could
no longer log on to my BBS!

	My bbs system is run through the shell option of the
bbs user account. This user account had no password and the
users would simply type 'bbs' at the login and get sent to the
bbs system's login prompt.

	I absolutely need to find a way to either make pam
let users of the bbs account in without a password or a way
to remove pam from my machine without messing up all the
modules it seems to be attached to.

	You can imagine what a drag it would have to be to
go back to linux rh 5.2 and losing months of work on setting
up all the different modules!

	no one I've spoken to thinks it is possible to have
a passwordless account with PAM, I am sure there must
be a way.

	I thank you for your time and your help!


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