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Few questions...


First I want appologize for my english - I hope you will understand whole my

First I'll shortly introduce myself. I'm finishing my studies and writing my
MSc thesis.
As my MSc thesis I'm developing ssh and writing its extention to authorize
in PAM.
I know Andrew Morgan already wrote patch to ssh, but it doesn't meet my
need and idea of this.

I'll be grateful for few answers on my questions.

1/ where can I find examples of modules where is PAM_BINARY_PROMPT
conversation type used
I have teory, but need few examples...

2/ where can I find a module, which use more than one msg in one
(want to test what I have already wrote)

3/ is it bug ? :

auth require pam_unix_auth.so
auth require pam_unix_auth.so

I have 2 lines in config file, but I'm only one time asked for password...

4/ what to do, when I got in one conversation few messages and there will be
mixed "textual"
message type with PAM_BINARY_PROMPT ? I can make reply either stantard reply
or binary reply structure...

Waldemar Thiel (wth@id.pl)

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